Hierank scores and ranks every single Division I College Football program each week and for the whole season.



Hierank manifested itself in #runthoughts during the 2016-17 NCAA Football Season as an honest solution to the problem of subjectivity in college football rankings and team comparisons.

James (left) was the second person that I ever informed about Hierank.
He was the driving force in getting my spreadsheet algorithm online, and still advises Hierank today.

It was one of Michigan‘s best seasons in memory, and the Big Ten that year was a cluster.

Michigan was arguably the best Big Ten team (with certainly the best Defense), if not maybe for Ohio State, who beat them in the regular season final, in double OT with a myriad of helpful calls, and a questionable ball-spot that still draws conspiracy claims today.

And neither of these teams would even play in the 2016 Big Ten Championship game…

Thanks to Michigan’s earlier injury-driven 1-point stumble to a solid Iowa team, the championship ended up a match between the conference’s arguably-third and fourth-best squads: Wisconsin who both the Wolverines and Bucks had beaten, versus Penn State who OSU had beaten closely, and Michigan had demolished by 39 points. Penn State went on to defeat the Badgers in that game and take the 2016-17 title, though their appearance there hadn’t even been confirmed until Michigan’s fateful final seconds in the prior week.

The general funkiness of the 2016-17 Big Ten and many other cases throughout NCAA history fostered a real desire to accurately measure, compare, and rank each of these teams against each other, in easy & real terms, based on actual outcomes. We asked:

Who really is best? How much better are they? How do we determine this? How do we account for consistency vs capability?
[We got a bit philosophical with these questions in our Algorithm discussion.]

This honest search for what we call “numeric truth” – i.e. ratings that most-accurately reflected each team’s power in-relation to all others, with the least-possible head-to-head inconsistencies – has driven every step of the Hierank algorithm’s development.

What is Hierank?

Hierank is a power ranking algorithm.

And we’re aspiring to become a power ranking algorithm + historical database, comparison tool, media platform, analysis hotbed, fan battleground, and ranking authority.

We rank all Division I college football teams currently; but we have the ability to solidly rank any large pool of competition, just by re-tuning the Dominance Factor to reflect the nature of scoring within the sport or league of focus.

Hierank provides fans with 0 to 100 ratings for every team’s overall performance and for each week throughout the season.

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