2020 Super Squads – Ranking the Best College Football Programs in Recent Memory

This post is the core of a 26 week, 25+ post series, updating every Sunday. Last updated: August 2, 2020 In our first-annual Super Squad series, we honor the best-performing College Football programs in every Division I conference, over the last three seasons! (2017-18 | 2018-19 | 2019-20) We ranked every single Division I College… Continue reading 2020 Super Squads – Ranking the Best College Football Programs in Recent Memory

View All Rankings (Always up to Date)

Along with navigating through the menu, find your shortcut to Hierank’s rankings for any Division I College Football league or conference, here below: By NCAA Division I League FBS (I-A) | FCS (I-AA) | All CFB By FBS Power 5 Conference ACC | Big 12 | Big Ten | Pac-12 | SEC By FBS Group… Continue reading View All Rankings (Always up to Date)

All Power 5 Conference Team Pages Now LIVE!

How do they compare? Here’s our post-Week 11 overview, with links to every conference’s respective teams. ACC | Big 12 | Big Ten | Pac 12 | SEC Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Avg CFB Ranking, Power:#59.2, 63.4 Pow Top Performer:# 6 Clemson (10-0), 83.4/77-90 Pow Teams in Top 25, of Total:2 of 14 (14%) Total… Continue reading All Power 5 Conference Team Pages Now LIVE!

Why Hierank Loves Spreadsheets

Who, without true nerd-pedigree doesn’t love to see spreadsheet changes naturally propagate, after only one simple edit? There are many jokes, sincere & ironic, about “loving spreadsheets”. And if this project as a whole hasn’t made clear – when I make those jokes – it’s the former. What hooked me as a kid was seeing… Continue reading Why Hierank Loves Spreadsheets

Conference Pages Now Live!

FBS conference pages now fully-live, and FCS conference pages are generated!

Well…mostly. Each FBS Conference page is now up and ready to automatically update as the season proceeds. Check any of them out, with the very latest standings, here: As for the FCS, we’ve at least generated all 13 conference pages, so that we could have a drop-down arrow consistent with the FBS… …but each page… Continue reading Conference Pages Now Live!

This Season’s Posting Schedule

In our first formal public season, this is what we’re shooting for: Sundays – FBS Top 25 While these lists aren’t rare, we’ll bring the unique omniscient perspective of a cold, bias-free algorithm (how it works), along with our own human knowledge and a few hot takes. Mondays – FCS Top 25 Very-much the same… Continue reading This Season’s Posting Schedule