Why Hierank Loves Spreadsheets

Who, without true nerd-pedigree doesn’t love to see spreadsheet changes naturally propagate, after only one simple edit? There are many jokes, sincere & ironic, about “loving spreadsheets”. And if this project as a whole hasn’t made clear – when I make those jokes – it’s the former. What hooked me as a kid was seeing… Continue reading Why Hierank Loves Spreadsheets

Conference Pages Now Live!

FBS conference pages now fully-live, and FCS conference pages are generated!

Well…mostly. Each FBS Conference page is now up and ready to automatically update as the season proceeds. Check any of them out, with the very latest standings, here: As for the FCS, we’ve at least generated all 13 conference pages, so that we could have a drop-down arrow consistent with the FBS… …but each page… Continue reading Conference Pages Now Live!

Top 10 States with the Most Wins after Week 4

Since the algorithm is only 4 weeks into its 6 week maturation process, let’s have a little fun scoring something definitive: Which states have the most wins, four weeks in? This week we’ll look at the top ten. Does your state make the list? Your chances might be a little better than you think, as… Continue reading Top 10 States with the Most Wins after Week 4

This Season’s Posting Schedule

In our first formal public season, this is what we’re shooting for: Sundays – FBS Top 25 While these lists aren’t rare, we’ll bring the unique omniscient perspective of a cold, bias-free algorithm (how it works), along with our own human knowledge and a few hot takes. Mondays – FCS Top 25 Very-much the same… Continue reading This Season’s Posting Schedule

2018-19 Bowl Review & Championship Preview

If you’d like better insight into how we made these picks, check out our last post, the Bowl Preview, which covered this thoroughly before listing our predictions. After 39 bowl games, to this point on the eve of the CFP Championship, we are 25 – 14, or 25 of 39, in correctly picking bowl winners,… Continue reading 2018-19 Bowl Review & Championship Preview

The Ultimate 2018-19 Bowl Picker’s Preview

As Bowl Season 2019 heats up, so is Hierank! This is our second ‘Go!’ at making bowl predictions; our first time doing so publicly. Last year, we managed to clear 96% of the field in ESPN’s Capital One Bowl Mania, ranking around 34,000 out of over 850,000 entrants with 25 correct selections…but still landing second… Continue reading The Ultimate 2018-19 Bowl Picker’s Preview

Hello world!

This is the first official blog post from Hierank.com. Here I’ll be sharing announcements, asks, football insights, relevant off-season news, development progress, team updates, problems-to-be-solved, problem-solving revelations, business partnerships, and more. While the Hierank (from hierarchy & ranking) algorithm has been stewing & brewing itself for two years – involving three test-seasons, over 500 hours… Continue reading Hello world!