Why Hierank Loves Spreadsheets

Who, without true nerd-pedigree doesn’t love to see spreadsheet changes naturally propagate, after only one simple edit? There are many jokes, sincere & ironic, about “loving spreadsheets”. And if this project as a whole hasn’t made clear – when I make those jokes – it’s the former. What hooked me as a kid was seeing… Continue reading Why Hierank Loves Spreadsheets

This Season’s Posting Schedule

In our first formal public season, this is what we’re shooting for: Sundays – FBS Top 25 While these lists aren’t rare, we’ll bring the unique omniscient perspective of a cold, bias-free algorithm (how it works), along with our own human knowledge and a few hot takes. Mondays – FCS Top 25 Very-much the same… Continue reading This Season’s Posting Schedule