Since the algorithm is only 4 weeks into its 6 week maturation process, let’s have a little fun scoring something definitive:

Which states have the most wins, four weeks in?

This week we’ll look at the top ten. Does your state make the list?

Your chances might be a little better than you think, as only 41 of the 50 states even have Division I-A programs. And there’s actually a 42.5% chance you live in one of the ten states on our list, if you are one of the U.S.’s 332 Million residents.

First let’s see who didn’t make it out the door…

Map of the States with no NCAA Division I-A and/or I-AA Football Program
Sorry Montana, Double Dakota, Delaware, and Non-Mass New England…shoulda came to play. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Dishonorable Mention to Alaska & Vermont…way to show off those true ‘Canada-Lite’ colors. How’s the hockey & prohcessed cheese up there?

Now that we’ve eliminated the scrubs, let’s skip over 31 Malcolms hanging out in the Middle (no participating state was winless…and we really wanted to shame a winless state) and jump to our Top 10 player-states.

Without further ado:

#10 South Carolina (3 Teams)

8-4 Record | 2.7 Wins per Team

Coastal Carolina Stadium
Myrtle Beach & Hilton Head area also nice.

The smallest state by area on this list, South Carolina certainly is one of a few you’ll see here that punches up for its size.

Anchored by its collegiate crown-jewel, Clemson University (4-0), the small state’s triumvirate is rounded out by the respectable & currently under-performing Gamecocks (1-3), and the surprisingly 3-1 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (say that four times, fast).

They may stick around or even move up a couple notches if we revisit this list at the end of the season.

#9 Oklahoma (3 Teams)

8-3 Record | 2.7 Wins per Team

The Okies extract a lot of natural gas…and now enjoy the occasional tremor.

The smallest state on this list in people-terms, Oklahoma has only 1.2% of the U.S. Population, and 100% of the Jalen Hurts population.
(There may actually be other Jalen Hurtses…we’re learning)

Bama-backups aside – between Sooners, Cowboys, & Tulsa – the finger-bang state has a pretty stellar lineup year-in & year-out.

Now if only they could afford to pay their teachers 5 days a week…
Oh yea…Football…right. Next!

#8 Michigan (5 Teams)

12-7 Record | 2.4 Wins per Team

Need say more?

Michigan’s flagships might be turning in ‘meh’ seasons thus far, but the Eagles, Broncs, & Chips are picking up the slack from East, West, & Center – helping make Michigan one of only three states on this list (along with #9 & #2) having no losing teams.

It’s also the northernmost state on this list…so players here are used to two months of brittle fingers & freezing faces. The legal weed helps that though. Summertime is beautiful too.

#7 Ohio (8 Teams)

13-17 Record | 1.6 Wins per Team

Just Ohioin’ around.

Thirteen & Seventeen???

Haha, they’re the only loser on this list, and have the least wins per team. Ohio sucks. Next. 😀

#6 Louisiana (5 Teams)

14-5 Record | 2.8 Wins per Team

Family of Les Miles.

Of five FBS schools in this state, UL Monroe (1-2) is the only one without at least 3 wins. Get it together Monroe!

LSU (4-0) unsurprisingly anchors this squad on a yearly basis. Expect to see plenty more wins from them, as well as decent performances on the season from the bayou state’s other four teams, per usual.

Lastly, Louisiana gets extra points for New Orleans and loses them back for Bobby Jindal (so it’s a wash). Keeping this relevant, Tulane (3-1) is in New Orleans, as well as many other awesome things.

#5 Alabama (5 Teams)

14-4 Record | 2.8 Wins per Team

Found a 100% Super-Legit Real TM (C) (R) map of Alabama.

Unlike other small states thus far on the list with ONE crown jewel carrying the mantle, Alabama takes its 1.5% of the U.S. Population and punches WAY up for its weight with TWO behemoth tide&tiger forces winning lots of games annually.

Also, many (mostly Tide) fans’ blood pressures just rose reading that comparison. But we see you folks up on the hypertension lists too; so take it easy…

Do three ‘Hail-Saban’s and call us in the morning.

#4 California (7 Teams)

15-11 Record | 2.1 Wins per Team

The last time anyone thought about the Golden Bears.

And here comes the big swinging C of the Left Coast…

You’re HUGE California, and you are going to let the Golden Bears (4-0) lead your pack? No one is impressed. Do better.

#3 Florida (8 Teams)

16-15 Record | 2.0 Wins per Team

Florida Man

Even if Miami, Florida, & FSU can’t all manage to be great in the same year, taken together they’re still always very solid on-average…and UCF has been showing up lately too.

But Florida is a giant state with hot weather, lots of meth, and Florida Man everywhere. Why aren’t they better?

#2 North Carolina (8 Teams)

18-8 Record | 2.3 Wins per Team

North Carolina gets a flattering photo because we’re impressed with North Carolina. Good job North Carolina.

Biggest surprise on the list, amirite?

With no dynastic powerhouse squads, dark horse North Carolina sneaks in here very high on this list, to this writer’s surprise, and let’s assume most others’.

It’s a big state, but not a really big state.
It’s a southern state, but not a really southern state.
It’s a center of collegiate tradition, but not a center of collegiate football tradition.

Although did we mention Appalachian State(grrr) and Wake Forest are ringing in a combined 7-0? That’s probably it.

Enjoy this moment North Carolina, it’s yours. 😀

#1 Texas (12 Teams)

22-22 Record | 1.8 Wins per Team

Oh Texas…all steers & tears, at least another year for UT fans

Analogy time:

The rest of this list was the first Six Seasons of Game of Thrones. Some surprises, building excitement, an amazing penultimate experience (Let’s call North Carolina’s #2 spot basically the triumph of the Battle of the Bastards).

This item though, at the end of our list, is GOT Seasons 7 & 8. It’s a big, predictable, & boring end. Did anyone NOT expect Texas to sit up here?

And just like GOT 7 & 8…Texas, with every knowable advantage in this realm, you’ve still under-performed. Lame.


Thanks for hanging guys. Look for more content like this every sometimes, and for our analysis to sharpen-up as the algorithm matures through the season.